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The transformation of space through shape and color is something that has fascinated me since I was a little girl in Long Island, my hands dripping with paint as my eccentric and creative grandmother would allow me to adorn the walls of her home.  Although my original journey into creative craftsmanship began in the digital arts, I have found that my work designing and installing custom murals has become incredibly exciting and ephemeral. 


To translate a space with geometry and paint is a simple and yet powerful tool that compels the eye to experience surroundings in a way that is as unique to each viewer as it is to the design. My imagination is currently captured by the exploration of geometric patterns and the discovery of images within images, shapes within shapes and the invention of depth on flat surfaces through color and line. I hope to create murals that evoke the tone and energy of the people who live or work within the spaces and I hope that every observer finds as much comfort as I do in the fact that the next revolution of their space can be uncovered with the next concept, composition and a few cans of paint.

Painting a room is the easiest, cheapest and fastest ways to dramatically change a space. Evelyn Leigh has been transforming walls into a piece of art all around Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and New York since 2014. 

The Painted Line has had the pleasure of working with such clients as Google, Paypal, Marvel Studios, FabFitFun and real estate firms Ocean West, Legacy Partners, NODE and Sheet Rock LA. 

Prices vary depending on size, pattern and surface. Please visit my contact page for quotes, availability and to schedule a free consultation. 

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