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In 2015, the Painted Line was invited to paint the Swan Stairway, one of Silver Lake’s 52 historic stair streets. The Silver Lake community donated the paint for the mural project, which was sponsored by Casey Revkin as part of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council's Adopt-a-Stairway program. 


The stair streets date back to a time before the automobile dominated Los Angeles. They provided a direct path for domestic workers to reach the wealthier houses atop the hills. With 287 steps, the Swan Stairway is by far the most challenging stairway in the neighborhood and provides a popular fitness location for Silver Lake residents and visitors alike. It is one of the 10 featured landmarks on the Painted Stairways of Silver Lake Walking Tour.


Each stairway section presents a different landscape for the stairclimber to enjoy. The lower 77 step staircase is painted a beautiful blue ombré. The mid-section begins with a retaining wall decorated with the Painted Line’s signature triangles. The triangle theme continues up the next 110 stairs, creating a zig-zag path upwards. At entry to the last hundred steps a blue Esher-esque mural adorns the retaining wall, complimented by a quote from the band the Decembrists: "Los Angeles, I'm yours."  The final staircase features an ombré mountain range to complete the set. 

The artwork begins at 2958 Swan Place; the mid-section starts at 1802 Redesdale Ave; and the upper section can be found at 1784 Rotary Drive. 

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For Press about this project CLICK HERE.

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